The Building Construction Handbook

Building Construction Handbook

The Building Construction HanbookThe Building Construction Handbook, by Roy Chudley and Roger Greeno, is exactly what it claims to be – an authoritative and concise handbook detailing the basics of building and construction which will prove useful throughout your studies and for a good time after!

Building Construction Handbook is an indispensable source of information for both students and professionals alike. The book is packed with straightforward and easy to follow illustrations which outline the principles of building and construction being discussed.

Almost every conceivable subject is covered (both modern and traditional) and the new updated edition now includes sections covering energy conservation, sustainability and environmental issues.

Building Construction Handbook is an ideal book for students on a wide range of courses including NVQ and BTEC National, through HNC and Foundation Degree level. It is also a useful source of reference for building designers, contractors and managers working in the construction industry.

The Building Construction Handbook has eight main sections:

Section 1 – General

Overview of different aspects of site set-up and general construction matters including: Documentation, Regulations and Standards such as The Building Regulations, CDM Regulations, and British and European Standards.

Section 2 – Site Works

Covering all aspects of site set-up and site works including Site Layout, Setting-Out, Scaffolding, Shoring and Demolition.

Section 3 – Builders Plant

General considerations and plant selection. Types of plant including Excavators, Hoists and Cranes.

Section 4 – Sub-Structure

This section deals with all aspects of building sub-structure including: Foundation types and selection. Retaining Walls, Basement Construction, Underpinning and Ground water control.

Section 5 – Superstructure 1

Split into two separate sections, the first part looks at the choice of materials, brick & block walls, damp proof courses and membranes, arches & openings, windows, doors, cladding, roofing, thermal insulation & U-values and access for the disabled.

Section 6 – Superstructure 2

The second part of superstructure deals with the ‘heavy side’ of construction and covers subjects including reinforced concrete, formwork, structural steel, portal frames and multi-storey structures.

Section 7 – Internal Construction

Internal elements of the building including partitions, floors, ceilings & stairs and internal finishes such as tiles, wall coverings and paints.

Section 8 – Domestic Services

Looks at the provision of services to buildings including: water supply and drainage, electrical supply, gas supply, telephone and electronic communications.


Overall, this book, covers just about everything you need to get started on any general construction subject. Although it doesn’t cover any one topic in great detail, it does help to give a you basic understanding of most aspects of construction in a manner which is straightforward, concise and uncomplicated.

In Five Words?

The title says it all!

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