Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment

The Diploma in Construction and Built Environment has been developed as an introduction to the built environment and its impact on people and communities. The course is suitable for those who want to pursue a career in the construction industry and combines the development of practical skills with technical knowledge and theory.

You’ll learn about how the built environment is designed, created, valued and used as well as learning about different job roles in the industry. On completion you could progress on to an advanced apprenticeship, further education or university.

There are three main levels to the Diploma:

  • The Foundation Diploma – Level 1
  • The Higher Diploma- Level 2
  • The Advanced Diploma – Level 3

All levels of the Diploma focus on three main themes:

  • Design the built environment: how design and construction impacts on people and communities and how it is influenced by history, politics and economics.
  • Create the built environment: Developing the skills and knowledge needed in different industries, using tools and learning about construction methods and materials.
  • Value and use the built environment: understanding the need for continuous maintenance and the importance of good design, workmanship and teamwork.

Compulsory Units

Students study compulsory subjects and gain an insight into the world of work via projects and practical experience in the workplace. Individual colleges will develop courses based upon compulsory units for each level of the qualification.

Level 1

  1. Design Influences
  2. Applying Design Principles
  3. Using Tools
  4. Methods and Materials
  5. Value and Use of the Built Environment
  6. Maintenance of the Built Environment
  7. Modern Methods of Construction

Level 2

  1. The Design Process
  2. Materials and Structures
  3. Applying Design Principles
  4. Structures
  5. Using Tools
  6. Communities
  7. Facilities Management

Level 3

  1. The Design Factors
  2. Stages in the Design and Planning Processes
  3. Physical and Environmental Influences
  4. Health, Safety and Environmental Influences
  5. Management Processes
  6. Adding Value to the Wider Community
  7. Protecting and Maintaining

All levels of the diploma are available via most colleges. Course delivery will differ from one college to another and there may be an option to study either full or part-time. Contact your local college for details and entry requirements.

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