Free Training Courses – Working with Lead

A series of 3 interactive e-learning courses have been developed jointly by the Lead Sheet Association (LSA) and the Lead Contractors Association (LCA) and are available on-line for free.

Aimed at those who work with lead, designers, specifiers and contractors, the modules cover the essentials of working with lead in construction and are informative and easy to follow.

The 3 modules include:

  • Lead Safety – covers the hazards associated with lead, health & safety measures and personal hygiene.
  • Good Practice Guide –  methods of installation, detailing and identification of defects.
  • Design & Specification – covers the characteristics of lead sheet, the different codes and applications.

Each course will take between 45 – 60 minutes to complete and includes a series of written tutorials, videos and questions to ensure you have understood each section. At the end there will be a short assessment with a series of multiple choice questions. Provided you have passed, you’ll be able to download a digital certificate to show that you have completed the module.

You can, of course, retake the test and view each module as often as you want. Even if you don’t work with lead directly the courses include lots of useful information you may benefit from at some point in the future.

You can access the courses via the construction library site here

The certificate is in PDF form and is fairly basic. In order to download your certificate you’ll be prompted to register your details (name, address and email) with