Lost Certificates

Certificates issued on successful completion of a construction-based course and/or qualification are important documents.

If you lose a certificate it isn’t always easy to get a replacement, especially if it’s a while since the course was completed.

Lost TEC & HTEC Certificates

I’m trying to replace lost TEC and HTEC certificates in Structural Steelwork from 1982 and 1984 , but the college where I studied say they only keep records for 7 years.

Can you suggest which body in the UK may be able to supply replacement copies or equivalent?



If the college can’t tell you then I don’t know what else to suggest? Pearson are the usual suspects with most certificate regarding the construction sector but HTEC is not a scheme I’m familiar with.

Lost Triple Bar Test Certificate?

I sat the triple bar test in 2015 in my then employers office in Glasgow, the company has since went into liquidation and never gave me any paperwork or certificate.

The company must have got the paperwork as I worked at Hunterston power station for them.

Is there any way I can get a copy of my pass certificate etc now as it is valid till 2018 and would save me sitting it again?



The triple bar scheme is administered by the CITB so they should be able to answer your question more directly. You can phone them on: 0344 994 4400 or via the contact form here

Probably a long shot but worth a go?

Replacement HNC Certificate

I need a replacement HNC certificate for a visa I’m applying for how do I go about getting one?



Person should be able to help you out. Visit the link below to get in touch:

Apply for a copy of your results or certificate