New Employment Opportunities at McAlpine

Sir Robert McAlpine have recently been awarded a major contract to build the first phase of the Victoria Gate shopping centre in Leeds.  The 40,000 sg ft scheme will include a new John Lewis store, shopping arcade and multi-story car park.

The second phase, which hasn’t yet been finalised, is expected to include further retail space and a new low-carbon energy centre. Overall, the construction phase of the development could create up to 6,000 new jobs.

To gear up for the work, which is expected to start in the spring, McAlpine are staging two recruitment open evenings in Warrington and Leeds on January 13th and 20th respectively. They are looking for people with suitable qualifications to become site managers, engineers, surveyors and works supervisors.

To book your place submit your details here:

4 thoughts on “New Employment Opportunities at McAlpine”

  1. I am currently studying construction management bsc – my course is full time but I am only in uni 2 days a week….. do construction firms take on someone in my position ? my days may change each year but as far as I am aware I am available 3 days a week to work and would rather it be in the field I’m heading towards….. I am a fully qualified gas engineer but decided to go the full time student route and have now found I have spare time on my hands, I could continue to try find self employed work , but it would be great to work on large sites gaining some experience??

    • Short answer is yes they do but you will have to be proactive in finding a willing employer as these kinds of opportunities are not often advertised.

      Generally, there are a couple of problems people in your position have to face. The first is that the big construction companies prefer to take trainees straight from school or university so they can mould them into their particular ways of working. Work experience can be a disadvantage with this blinkered approach to recruitment.

      The other problem is that some smaller companies take the view that they have to offer you flexibility with nothing in return for them since once you qualify it’s likely (in their view) you’ll be wanting to move on somewhere else.

      It isn’t easy and there are lots of people in a similar position. But, as with all things in life, it just comes down to persistence and a bit of good luck.

  2. I have degree in civil engineering graduating in 2013 but have struggled gaining employment with an Engineering company. I have no experience except for theoretical knowledge gained at uni and a cscs card. I would like to become a site engineer/ building foreman. What’s the best way to go about this? Is it worth doing any labouring? for experience.

    • No, the days are gone where this would have been a good idea. Now all that will happen is you’ll get stuck in a rut and the people above you (when they learn you’re better qualified than they are) will just keep pushing you down. Of course, there is always a chance you’ll get lucky but it’s not a strategy I’d advocate.

      You could try broadening your search into other industries, such as rail or utilities, where there may be more opportunities. Also concentrate on smaller contractors, if you can, since they will be more flexible in their attitude.

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