Building Regulations – Part C Site Preparation and Resistance to Contaminants and Moisture

Section C1 of the Building Regulations is concerned with the health and safety of the building’s users in particular regard to the effects of pollution and contaminants which may be present on the site. This can include vegetation, contaminated soil or the leakage of noxious gases such as methane and radon.

Section C2 deals with the resistance to moisture in terms of providing a barrier against ground water and the weather. As well as providing protection from spillage from internal services.

C1 Preparation of Site and Resistance to Contaminants

The site should be adequately prepared so as to minimize the hazard of damage to the building from existing vegetation, contaminated top soil or pre-existing foundations.

Measures must also be taken to provide suitable sub-soil drainage in order to prevent passage of moisture, or water borne contaminants, to the building’s interior .

C2 – Resistance to Moisture

Protection of the building, and its inhabitants, from ground moisture, precipitation, condensation or the spillage of water from fixed appliances and building services.