Profiled Route

The CSCS Profiled Route replaces Industry Accreditation and is an audited route applicable to experienced site supervisors and site managers who are currently working for a principal contractor.

The process involves the profiling of the applicant against a list of competencies through the completion of an evidence sheet which is reviewed and signed off by a company reviewer who must be a qualified assessor, or verifier, or be a competence assessed member of a recognised professional body.

The completed evidence sheet is then submitted together with the application form, a reviewer sign off sheet, and applicant’s CV to CSCS. The application will then be reviewed by an approved auditor who will decide if the evidence submitted is sufficient for a card to be issued.

CSCS may ask for further evidence to support the application or it may be refused. The fee is not refundable and the applicant will be recommended to register for a relevant NVQ and to apply for an Experienced Technician, Supervisor or Manager red card instead.

Applications made via the Profiled Route cost £300 (£250.00 plus VAT). Applicants will also need to pass the relevant health and safety test.

Although the profiled route is a more rigorously audited route than the much criticised system of accreditation it replaces there is still some scepticism as to its validity. Since the new route avoids the need for a specific qualifications or training the approach is open to abuse and doesn’t provide any real assurance of competence?

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  1. the cscs have told me that i can get an academically qualified card, i’ve moved over here from Ireland so my qualifications aren’t nvq, but i have a level 8 hons degree in construction management and certified as a carpenter also. i have worked on building sites for 15 years but i can only obtain an academically qualified CSCS card . what a load of bull

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