CSCS Red Card

CSCS Red Card

The red card is provided as a transitional arrangement for those who are just starting out or for those with relevant industry experience but who do not yet have the necessary qualification for the full CSCS card.

Provisional Card – a temporary measure (up to 6 months) for new workers who have just started their first role. Labourers who have not yet obtained the new green card can also apply for a provisional card as a stopgap measure.  It is not renewable and applicants must have completed the health, safety and environment test.

Apprentice Card – for apprentices on a registered framework. The card lasts for up to 4 years. The health and safety test is the first module in an apprenticeship so the test does not need to be done when you apply for the card.

Trainee (Craft & Operative) – For those just starting out this card is available if you are an apprentice or  trainee and are registered for an NVQ, SVQ or are registered for or have achieved a Construction Award but have not yet achieved an NVQ or SVQ. This card is valid for three years.

Applicants will need to take the Operatives Test and use the CSCS Craft Application Form

Trainee (Technical, Supervisory and Management) – This card is available if you can provide evidence of current registration with a further/higher education college or university for a nationally recognised construction related qualification. This card is valid for three years and can be renewed for a further three years on application.

Applicants will need to take the Specialist Test and use the Technical, Supervisor or Manager Application Form

Experienced Worker – This card is available to workers with on the job experience but don’t yet have the necessary NVQ or SVQ.  The card is valid for one year and is non-renewable as it is expected to be replaced it is expected to be replaced by a skilled five year card on achievement of NVQ or SVQ Level 2 or higher.

Applicants will need to take the Operatives Test and use the CSCS Craft Application Form

Experienced Technician, Supervisor or Manager – This card is available to Supervisors and Managers with on the job experience (normally at least one year in the last three) who do not hold an NVQ or SVQ level 3,4 or 5 and are not a member of an approved Professional Body. The card is a temporary measure and is expected to be replaced by a skilled five year card on achievement of NVQ or SVQ Level 3 or higher.

For Supervisor occupations you should take the Specialist/Supervisors Test and for Manager occupations you should take the Managers and Professionals test. Apply with the Technical, Supervisor or Manager Application Form

You must supply a copy of your qualification and complete the CITB Managers and Professionals Health, Safety & Environment Test and apply with the Technical, Supervisor or Manager Application Form


Richard – hi i have a provisional card which is due to run out if i register for a nvq will i receive a card so i can still work on site? READ MORE…

You’ll have to apply for a RED Trainee (Craft & Operative) card

Gavin – I have a CRO card and been a supervisor for 15 years how do I go about a relevant card for to use . my company will be putting me through nvq in future but I need a card for now? READ MORE…

You have to do the NVQ to qualify for a supervisor’s card, there isn’t a way around it anymore.

Cain – I have a trainee card but lost my job as my dad passed away and had to take time off. Only got 2 years left on the card not sure what to do can I cancel it and restart next year when everything has sorted itself out? READ MORE…

It’s a one-off arrangement and you can’t just cancel it and start again. If you need a card when it’s run out in 2 years time you can get a green card instead. You do have to do a basic health and safety course first but it’s only half a day and it isn’t designed to be something you can easily fail.

Gurbhinder – I hve green cscs card , but my cscs card expired in April, now i did sssts course nd i done my cscs screen test in january 2016. So if I apply for red cscs card(trainee) , we neend to do any course? READ MORE…

The red card is for trainees on an NVQ course. So if you are on an NVQ course you don’t need to do a test. If you’re not on an NVQ course you will have to apply again for a green card AND do the course.

Declan – I have passed curb test 3 times and I took the test again and I’m told I need to do an extra course … They sent me. Red card valid for 6 months … Why do I have to do extra course when I have worked on site for years? READ MORE…

I’m guessing they have told you to get a green labourer’s card. From now you have to do a half day health and safety course to get the card. There isn’t a way around it, the scheme is crazy I know.

Andrew – My son is about to leave school and has been offered a job as a labourer. He as never worked on a site before. How can help answer question on things he doesn’t know about. Will he still need to get 47 out of 50. READ MORE…

The questions are not very difficult and there is a fair chance of passing with just common sense. He can buy a book with all the questions and answers in it, or just take his chances.

The test is a farce but it’s something he will just have to do.

Conor – I have just completed my university degree in Construction Management.
I already have a red trainee cscs card in Technical, Supervisory and Management. How do I upgrade my card?

There isn’t an upgrade mechanism as such, you have to apply for a new card that best suits your current role and qualification.

For you the card to apply for would be the Academically Qualified Person card (White AQP) and this lasts for 5 years. The idea is that it gives you time to get the necessary qualification for a Manager’s Black Card while recognizing your academic status.

However, employers don’t really place any value on the AQP card itself so you may be as well waiting for your red card to expire before applying?

Jacek – I have Trainee( technical, supervisory and managment ) card. I got SMSTS card and more other certificates. I got polish HND in wood industry and nearly 10 years experience on construcion sites as joiner. Do I need to pass HND or HNC for future gold and black card? What is best professional route for me as SM? READ MORE…

No, for a gold card you need Construction Site Supervision, for the Black card you need Level 6 NVQ Diploma in Construction Site Management.

Best professional route to be a site manager is via Chartered Institute of Building (CIoB)

Anon – I passed my citb health and safety test for an operative a couple of months ago and my card has come and it’s a red trainee card / provisional. I was under the impression by the company I booked it with I would get a green labourer card to get on site any help would be appreciated. READ MORE…

The red card is for apprentices and those on recognised training schemes. Either you are one of these or the card has been issued by mistake? Either way it still allows you ‘on-site’ where the card scheme is in operation.

Andrew – I’ve got a red trainee card for college how do I get it up graded now I’ve finished the college course and passed? READ MORE…

You have to apply for the card relevant to your job role.

Jamie – I had my 6 month temporary red card that expired in August 2016 but is the citb test still valid for 2 years or do I need to resit that As well as doing a site safety plus course? READ MORE…

No, you don’t need to do the test again it will be on record when you apply for the new card.

Gary – My nephew is 17 yes old and wants to be a labourer/apprentice for me and needs a cscs card, what card does he need and how does he go about getting it? READ MORE…

The Green card is the one for site labourers. For apprentices it’s the Red card.

Charlie – I’m 39 and have been a wall and floor Tiler for 16 yrs . I was advised I needed the 6 mth temporary red card which I passed the test for its now expired I’m desperate to renew somehow as I need to carry on working to pay my rent etc….I have no qualifications just time served experience…..what can I do? READ MORE…

if you are not on an approved training scheme or apprenticeship you will have to get a green card.

Edward – I am a Civil Engineering and Construction undergraduate and I will be starting my work placement training in few days. What kind of CSCS card should I apply for and what kind of HS&E Test do I need to undertake? READ MORE…

If none of the cards above are relevant then a green card.

Terry – My 18yr old lad has just completed his 1st year carpentry in college. His second year employer has offered him summer work but has asked him to get a cscs card to go on site. Which card does he need ? Trainee or apprentice. There seems to be confusion from the college on how to obtain the card. READ MORE…

Unless he is an apprentice or on a recognised training scheme the provisional red card.

However, since this only lasts for 6 months and cannot be renewed, he may be better getting a green labourer’s card.

This is a basic entry level card that lasts for 5 years. Since he has to go through the rigmarole of applying for a card anyway he may as well have this one that covers him for future use.

If he wants, or needs, to apply for another card in the near future he can still do so; it is possible to have more than one card at any one time.

The only snag is that he may have to redo the health and safety test again if, as is more than likely, he applies for a higher level of card.

Pawel – I’m 31yr multi skilled Dryliner and ceilings installer with 12 yrs experience in my trade.For which of these I can apply?I didnt gain any NQQ levels.I thinking about Red Experience? READ MORE…

Green labourer’s card or do the NVQ.

Ben – i am recently passed my slinger ticket n telescopic forklift ticket but only have a green labourers card is red thw way forward n till i ready to do nvq? READ MORE…

You could go for the provisional red card but it only lasts for 6 months. Since you already have a green card it would be better to wait until you do the NVQ really.

Keith – I already have an NVQ L2 in tiling and have changed my profession to a sealant applicator, to get a skilled card in sealant application what do I need and what card do i go for, or does the profession get added to my original blue card? READ MORE…

Sealant Applicator is classed at a different skilled trade so you would need do have the NVQ for this.

I have a second year Plumbing apprentice starting Does he need a cscs card to work on a building site. Or can I get a red apprentice card for him until his nvq course finishes? READ MORE…

He only needs a card if he is going to be working on a site where the card scheme is in operation.

If he is on a recognised apprentice scheme he can apply for the Red Apprentice Card

If he is not on a recognised scheme but still doing the NVQ he should apply for the Red Trainee Card which is valid for 5 years and can not be renewed. The idea is that by this time he will have the NVQ and be able to go onto the Blue Skilled Worker Card.

As a temporary measure he could apply for a Red Provisional Card until he can start the NVQ.

Health, safety and environment test for operatives and specialists 2019 : GT100/19 (Health, safety and environment test for operatives and specialists: GT100/19) Paperback

Offical CITB Revison Material

Contains everything you need to know about booking, preparing for and sitting the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test for Operatives and Specialists