The Building Regulations

The Building Regulations apply to most forms of building work in England & Wales and are designed to set a minimum standard for the design and construction in order to ensure the health and safety of the building’s users. The Building Regulations also include minimum requirements to ensure the efficient use of energy and to provide facilities which provide safe access for people to buildings, including those with disabilities.

The Building Regulations are designed to promote:

  • Building Standards – to be applied to most aspects of a building’s construction to include fire safety, suitable drainage, adequate ventilation, electrical safety and sound insulation.
  • Energy Efficiency – since 2006 the regulations have included aspects of energy conservation with the aim of reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.
  • Access to Buildings – the regulations make provision for all people for the safe access to buildings for all people including those with disabilities as well as aiming to reduce physical hazards within the building itself.

The legislation provides a frame-work structure for the Local Authority Building Control system and is underpinned by technical guidance documents known as Approved Documents.

Building Regulations Approved Documents

Useful Links


Building Regulations UK 2010 (CD-ROM)
A useful resource for anyone studying a construction course this CD ROM contains the entire collection of Approved Documents and also includes the Scottish Building Regulations. Although you can download the Approved Documents for free this disc contains everything you need in a simple to navigate menu driven format and could well be useful study aid and an invaluable point of reference for use in your day to day working life.

Building Regulations in Brief (Paperback)
This easy to read and understand guide to the Building regulation is aimed at professionals and the general public and is a great starting point if you find the whole concept of the Building Regulation somewhat daunting. Each subject is divided into easily comprehended sections with an explanation of the rules including some historical background information and illustrated guidance on how to comply with the relevant approved documents. Whether you are just starting out in construction, a seasoned pro or just an enthusiastic DIYer you’ll find this book a useful introduction and constant source of reference for years to come.

The Building Regulations: Explained and Illustrated (Hardcover)
Once you’ve got to grips with the concept of building regulation you’ll need a more advanced and authoritative source of reference and this book fits the bill. Packed with detailed explanation and useful illustrations this book will be an invaluable aid to your studies and a text book you’ll find useful in your career later on. It’s a hard cover book and isn’t cheap – but considering how much use you’ll get it’s an investment you will not regret.