White Cards

The CSCS White Card is issued in three types to suit professionally qualified operatives, those with a relevant academic qualification and those in occupations for where a there is currently no recognised qualification.

White/Grey – Construction Related Occupation (CRO) Card – this card is for workers whose occupation does not have an NVQ or SVQ Level 2 or higher or relevant trade specific units in place.

All applicants must first pass the Health, Safety & Environment Test and submit the standard craft application form.

This card is valid for five years. The card is renewable upon application, providing CSCS health and safety requirements are met.

The current list of CRO occupations covered by the scheme can be found here.

White/Yellow Professionally Qualified Person (PQP) Card – this card is for competency assessed members of professional bodies. For a current list of acceptable competence assessed grades see here.

In addition to the competency requirements you should also have CPD records for the past two years which should be verified by a current member of the Professional Institution you belong to and whose membership is equal to, or higher than yours.

Apply with the PQP form. You will also need to pass the Managerial and Professional health, safety & environment test.

This card lasts for five years and may be renewed on verification of the current PQP criteria.

Academically Qualified Person (AQP) Card – This new card has been issued to cover people with relevant academic qualifications but have not yet achieved the necessary NVQ to gain the CSCS card.

The new Academically Qualified Person (AQP) Card is valid for 5 years and when it runs out you will not be able to reapply; it is assumed you will, by this time, have gained the relevant NVQ for your occupation.

The card covers a range of construction and civil engineering qualifications including HNC/HND’s, BSc Honours and Masters MSc Degrees. There is a full list of acceptable qualifications here.

Apply with the Technical, Supervisor or Manager Application Form and all applicants must also the CITB Managers and Professionals Health, Safety and Environment Test

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  1. Am seeking for a cscs card for traffic marshall in contruction i was been formed as traffic marshal, but to work they always asked me for cscs card for this kind of job please if you have more informations concerning this problem say me here in this website. Because i heard that white and grey cscs card is the correct card but when try apply trough CITB they say they dont have cscs card for traffic marshal.

  2. hi I have the white/grey card for floor sanding but need to get a supervisors card how do I go about getting this ?

    • You’d need to select an appropriate occupation from the list here as ‘floor sander’ isn’t recognised. ‘Construction Site Supervisor (Contracting)’ is probably the most appropriate?

      You’ll need to do the Diploma in Construction Site Supervision and also complete the Supervisor’s Health and Safety Test.

      You’ll also need your current employer’s cooperation, it’s impossible to go down this route without it even if you pay all the costs yourself.

  3. Hi I want to work as a road sweeper for my local council which ccs card do I need

    • You don’t need a card unless your employer has a policy of only employing people who have one. I don’t know why a local council would need to adopt such a policy although I accept stranger things can happen?

      The green card is probably the most appropriate and will not do you any harm to get one – although there is a cost involved.
      Read more here: https://constructionstudent.uk/cscs/green-card/

  4. Hi, I have a Cscs Blue skilled trade card (wood occupations), Sssts, and (part) of a Hnc in Building Studies (minus 2modules).
    Which cards do I now need in order to progress my career. Should I take the supervisor and management health and safety test on top of my recently renewed health and safety card? Which cards follow this?

    • The card or cards you need will depend on what job role you are currently doing, it isn’t a qualification system as such. You only need to do the test that relates to the card you apply for, there isn’t any point in doing the supervisor and management test unless you are applying for a card that requires it.

      Not a helpful answer I know but the card system is working against you (any many people like you) because it’s preventing you from moving up. The best thing you can do is to complete the HNC and to apply for jobs with companies that might be able to give you an opportunity to progress within the system.

  5. Hi, i need to get a cscs card for surface treatment specialist, which dvd/book do i order to cover all the questions for revision?

  6. Hi, I currently have a green laborer’s card and a Traffic Marshall ticket as well. I however have a BSc degree in computer and information systems and a masters degree in Computer Science, and I am looking to work in an Administrative/Managerial role on site. I am not sure of what cards are right for me and what courses I should do.

    • There is a construction related occupation card for this purpose but it is being phased out. For the time being then the green card is the most suitable for your needs.

      I can’t advise you further until you know exactly what kind of role you want to undertake.

  7. Hi iv got a green card . Im a site joiner have been for many years now iv never done an nvq how can i change my card to trade card

  8. I hold a foreign qualification of diploma in construction engineering which has been assessed by UK NARIC to be comparable to NVQ Level3 but is not accepted by cscs. I currently hold a green card and I am employed as a concrete finisher for the last six months. I seek advice as to how to get a higher card and what qualifications I need to do so.

  9. Hi I’m trying to get a blue skill card on duct work and can’t find a provider for assessment in Dumfries but I’m from Newcastle work away and are grants available as wages rubbish.

    • If you are employed it should be down to your employer to fund this. If you are self-employed then you could try the local chamber of commerce and ask if they know of any local funding schemes, sometimes they do and don’t advertise the fact. Also, if there is any chance you can can claim benefits for a short time between jobs this may also open up some funding opportunities that are otherwise unavailable.

  10. Hi, I am a Cinema Engineer (installing projectors and sound systems into cinemas). I frequently work on new build cinemas that require CSCS cards. I have a BSC in Film and Broadcast technology and have been working for 10 years. I have previously been classes as a Sound Engineer on a CRO card. Now you are phasing them out how do I get a PQP card as there is not an NVQ to do and I already have a degree in the field?

  11. Hi I’m a duct fitter and there are no reliant cards for my trade will I need a white card?

    • There are a few HVAC occupations covered by the Construction Related Occupations list.

      If you can not describe your occupation as any one of these then the only card available would be the Green labourer’s card.

      Bear in mind that there is a bit of flexibility so you don’t have to be too precise. So long as someone will sign your application form and you can pass the relevant Health Safety & Environment test there are no other checks made.

    • This does not apply if you’re applying for a JIB registered white card, which is different from the normal cscs white card. This is what I was told. As long as you’ve passed you Health and safety you can apply via JIB or a company to get a white JIB duct fitters card…your employer or some other recongisted organisation/training must vouch for you though.

  12. I have a NEBOSH NCC1 & NCC2 and am in process of taking NGC1
    which card should i apply for if i take the management test?

  13. Hi I am a paint sprayer with over 20 years and want to work on construction sites what cscs card do I need

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